Dad Bod: A Rap Analysis of Men's Mental Health.



Luey Northern Challenges Conventional Manhood with Provocative New Single, “DAD BOD” (Tap Here To listen

Inspired by personal experiences and a quest for self-acceptance, Luey explores the insecurities surrounding weight and physical appearance. "DAD BOD" serves as an anthem for anyone who has ever grappled with societal expectations and the pressure to conform.


This captivating song challenges traditional notions of manhood by boldly highlighting the issues within our current understanding of masculinity. Using vocal inflections to emphasize the inherent flaws, Luey Northern unapologetically sheds light on the struggles faced by men in their journey of emotional expression and communication.

With lyrics that touch upon themes of mental health, difficulty in expressing emotions, and the cyclical nature of toxic masculinity, "DAD BOD" resonates deeply with listeners. Drawing from personal experiences of overcoming childhood bullying and the subsequent challenges faced in forming meaningful relationships, Luey Northern brings authenticity and raw emotion to every verse.

Beyond its compelling lyrics, the sonic landscape of "DAD BOD" reinforces the song's powerful message. The vocals, drenched in reverb, create a captivating atmosphere that symbolizes the collective pain experienced by individuals navigating the complexities of manhood.

"DAD BOD" was released on 30 June 2023 and is available on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on Luey Northern's music and future releases, follow him at:

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